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Examination will be held:Even though mass promotion was given in Std. 9, 10 and 12, but students will be examined to know the learning loss.

Government of Gujarat had given mass promotion to Std. The repeaters of standards 10 and 12 have also announced to pass the exam. Even if mass promotion is given in standard 9, 10 and 12, examination will be taken to know the learning loss. But that will not affect the outcome of the review. The Department of Education has decided to perform a diagnostic test to determine the loss of content from the next standard.

Following the diagnostic test, unit tests shall be carried out.

. The Diagnostic Test is only for students of Standard 9, 10 and 12. This will be useful to find out the level of teaching. Unit tests will be performed on a periodic basis following the diagnostic test. The diagnostic test course will feature helpful chapter points from its next standard course. Question papers based on standard 8 subjects have been prepared for standard 9 diagnostic test. The question papers for the diagnostic test will be sent to EDO by the board on July 7.

The question paper will be available on the Board website on July 8th. On July

7, the DOE will send a protected file of question papers to the CVS organizers via email. The question paper will be posted on the board’s website on July 8, as well as a protected file of question papers will be handed over to school principals by SVC convenors. Students will take a test daily from 10 to 12 July. The answer book written by the student on July 13 and 14 will have to be returned. Subject wise result will have to be prepared on 30th July. Mark is scheduled to be uploaded from school level during the first week of August.

The question papers have been prepared as

per the syllabus of Mathematics, Science and Social Sciences in the diagnostic test for Std. 9. In the diagnostic test for standard 10, question papers have been prepared as per the syllabus of standard 9 of mathematics, science and social sciences. Diagnostic tests in biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics will be conducted under the Science component of Standard 12. The Question Paper will be developed based on Course Standard 11. For Std. 12 general courses, diagnostic test will be taken in the bases of name, business system, statistics, psychology, sociology, geography, philosophy, in which question papers will be prepared from Std.

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