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Tractor Sahay Yojana Gujarat – Subsidy Scheme

ikhedut Portal Yojana | Subsidy scheme up to Rs 60,000. Gujarat Government Scheme online registration. . Khedut Subsidy Yojanafield of

Gujarat State has given a new direction to the country and the world by adopting new methods and practices in theagriculture. The government is also formulating and adopting farmer oriented policies. Various schemes have been implemented to double the income of farmers. For which ikhedut Portal has been created. Through which farmers can fill up the application form of farmers’ schemes sitting at home. In particular, to increase farm production, excellent seeds, crop loans at zero percent are provided.

Tractor Subsidy Scheme in Gujarat Thelaunching

Government of Gujarat is new farmer oriented schemes to increase the income of farmers. The list of farmer schemes is ikhedut portal released online on the. Farmers can cultivate well and fast in agriculture using natural tools, traditional tools or tractors. Many farmers cannot afford to buy technology equipment due to their economic situation. So the government’s Department of Agriculture and Co-operation has implemented a scheme to assist farmers in purchasing tractors. Whose Online Form can be filled from i-Farmer Portal.

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The purpose of

Tractor Subsidy Sahay Yojana isTractor Subsidy Sahay Yojana to apply online for. This scheme is 100% run by the state government. Under this scheme farmers will be given subsidy on purchase of tractors (up to 20 PTO HP). So that it can operate quickly in agriculture.

Eligibility of Tractor Sahay Yojana

Krushi ane Sahkar Vibhag Gujaratinvites Departmentonline applications for various schemes on i-farmer portal. Different eligibility criteria have been fixed for all schemes related to agriculture. Which are as follows.

  • Beneficiary farmer should be from Gujarat state.
  • These schemes will benefit small, marginal and women farmers of Gujarat state and SC, ST, General and other farmers.
  • Beneficiary farmers get benefit if they have land or forest rights record.
  • Farmers will not get the benefit of this scheme only once.
  • Farmersup an onlineavail the Tractor Subsidy Scheme formikhedut portal to will have to fillfrom the.

Scheme NameTractor Assistance Scheme 2021
LanguageGujarati and English
Objectiveof tractor to increase crop production toSubsidy on purchase
Beneficiary Beneficiary BeneficiaryfarmersGujarat Farmers-
Amount of1Small, Marginal, Women, SC and ST Farmers50% of total expenditure or 60,000 / -from those who have less than two
amount of assistance-2General and other farmers or 40% of total cost/ – https://ikhedut.gujarat.gov.in/ it is lessfrom the two
recognized website45,000  
to applyClick here.
Last date to apply30/09/2021

Terms of purchase ofAssistance Scheme Terms

by Gujarat State Government Tractorikhedut portal tractor have forbeen fixed. Farmers will have to abide by the following conditions to get the assistance of this scheme.

  • Farmers should have land records.
  • Must have tribal land certificate for forest area. (If applicable)
  • The price fixed by the Department of Agriculture shall be purchased from an authorized dealer prepared for the purpose of discovery.
  •  The beneficiary farmer will have to purchase a tractor from a recognized trader (seller) for this scheme.

Tractor Subsidy Assistancestandard

Subsidy is fixed fortractor scheme. Subsidy will be given on the basis of caste and status of the applicant farmers under this assistance scheme. Which are as follows.

Scheduled Castes andFarmers belonging toScheduled Tribesસહાય Beneficiaries of this caste willto assistance up to 50% of the cost up to abe entitledmaximum of Rs. 0.60 lakh // unit.
Ordinary and other farmersto thefarmer will be entitled to Rs. 0.45 lakh / unit per 40% of the costordinary,whichever is less.

Tractor Subsidy in Gujarat |
ikhedut |
i khedut online Registration | ટ્રેક્ટર સહાય યોજના | Sabsidy Yojana

Image Credit: – iKhedut Official Website (https://ikhedut.gujarat.gov.in) and https://sarkariyojanaguj.com/

Tractor Sahay Yojana DocumentTractor Sahay Yojana

ikhedut portal Online form has to be filled forrunning on. The required documents are given below.

1. Farmer’s ikhedut portal 7-12

2. Copy of beneficiary farmer’s Aadhaar card

3. Caste certificate if the farmer is SC and ST (if applicable)

4. Copy of farmer’s ration card

5. Certificate of disability if the farmer is disabled (if If applicable)

6. Copy of Forest Rights Certificate for Tribal Area (if any)

7. In case of joint account holder, consent form of other farmer in 7-12 and 8-A land

8. If having soul registration

9. Xerox of bank account

10. Co-operative society Details if applicable (if applicable)applicable to

11. Information ifMilk Producers Association (only if applicable)

Target ofAssistance Scheme

Tractoron Ikhedut How many farmers have been provided equipment assistance under this scheme, the target is set in the State – The 2021-22 plan and the target set by the caste are as follows.

Name of the SchemeYear 2021-22Probable Target of
HRT-3 (for Scheduled Tribes)Target: – 20  
HRT-4 (For Scheduled Castes)Target: – 18  
HRT-13 (MIDH-SCSP)ExpenditureBeneficiaries of Scheduled CastesTarget for: -47  
HRT-9Ordinary FarmerTarget to: – 1076
HRT-2Ordinary FarmerTarget to: – 750
HRT-14 (MIDH-TSP) App. Beneficiaryof Jan JatiTarget: -129

Apply Online Tractor Subsidy Yojana To availTractor

Assistance Scheme benefits under, farmers havefrom i-farmer portal apply online to. Farmers can also apply online from their gram panchayat. Farmers can also Online Form at home fill up the.

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પશુપાલનની યોજનાઓ |	
બાગાયતી યોજનાઓ |
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ગુજરાત એગ્રો ઇન્ડસ્ટ્રીઝ કોર્પોરેશલ લિ |

Image Credit: – iKhedut Official Website (https://ikhedut.gujarat.gov.in) and https://sarkariyojanaguj.com/

  • “Bagayati ni yojana” After openingwhere serial number-17 “Tractor (up to 20 PTO HP)” click on.
  • In which, in the “Tractor 20 PTO HP” scheme, you have to open the next page by clicking on “Apply”.
  • Are you a registered applicant farmer? In which if you have registered then yes and if you have not done then no.
  • If the farmer has registered, after entering the Aadhaar card number and mobile number, he has to apply by entering Captcha Image.
  • If the beneficiary is not registered on i-khedut, he has to apply online by selecting ‘No’.
  • After the farmer fills in the complete information, he has to click on Save Application.

ikhedut online apply | 
khedut yojana Online arji
khedut portal |
ikhedut portal 2021 |
ખેડૂત નોંધણી રજીસ્ટ્રેશન |
ખેડૂત યોજના |
આઇ ખેડૂત પોર્ટલ યોજના 2021 |

Image Credit: – iKhedut Official Website (https://ikhedut.gujarat.gov.in) and https://sarkariyojanaguj.com/

  • application has to be confirmed after checking the details thoroughly. Once the application is confirmed, note that there will be no improvement or increase in the Application Number.
  • The farmer beneficiary will be able to get a printout based on his / her application after applying online.

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The last date for

Tractor Subsidy Yojana online application is to apply foronline. Farmer beneficiaries will be able to apply for the benefit of this scheme from 15/09/2021 to 30/09/2021. The application process will then close.

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