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WiFi AR – The Most Useful Tool Ever App

  • WiFi technologies such as virtual reality In AR mode, visualise your current WiFi/cellular network.
  • – Signal strength: Locate the best WiFi access point (AP).
  • – Connection speed: Get the current connection speed.
  •  Ping value: To play online games smoothly, find the lowest latency in space. – Wi-Fi&5G LTE modes
  •  Interfering networks: Determine which networks are interfering with your connection and lowering its quality. To reduce the impact, try switching to a different channel in your router’s settings.
  • Best WiFi AR detection: If you have multiple routers, make sure your device switches between them correctly.


Because the WiFi AR App makes use of ARCore, it will be requested to be downloaded separately.

WiFi Signal Strength Meter – Network Monitor & WiFi Monitor displays your current WiFi signal strength and detects WiFi Signal Strength in real time around you.

They may be of use to you. Discover your WiFi network’s sweet spots. The WiFi Signal Meter app is a simple utility that displays the current strength of your WiFi signal.

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In your WiFi network, Network Monitor & WiFi Monitor is important for locating good WiFi connectivity areas. WiFi Signal Strength Meter will instantly assess your WiFi signal strength and help you locate the optimal spot.

The WiFi signal strength is regularly updated in the app, so you may roam about your house, work, or wherever you want to locate the greatest WiFi signal strength. As a result, you can use the app to check the strength of your WiFi signal.
Measure and visualise your actual WiFi characteristics on a map.
To work on your floor plan, you should have it approved as an image file, snap a photo of a paper copy, or if you don’t, use the built-in basic plan function Object() { [native code] }. With only one click, you can easily share your results.


★ Signal coverage map. Poor signal means lower quality

★ Connection speed map. Indicates your wireless network throughput

★ Frequency channel map. If more than one AP is used, you can see to which you are connected to

★ Connection to best access point (AP) map. If network (AP) with better signal is available you will see it on map

★ Interfering networks map. Scans radio spectrum for third-party networks that may dramatically reduce your network quality

★ Network quality map. Real-time response from WiFi router – gateway ping


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